Childhood Meme (stolen from [ profile] gemfyre)

Feb. 24th, 2007 10:44 pm
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1. What spooked you out for no good reason?
I went to my best friend's birthday and there was my best friend and [ profile] gemfyre and me sleeping over at the end. We were sleeping in the granny flat out the back all by ourselves. We were telling spooky stories while listening to a cd as soft background noise. All of a sudden the CD started skipping. We were under the impression that CD's didn't skip (they hadn't been out long - just to show you my age) so we freaked out. We couldn't just have one of us get up to check, and we couldn't leave one of us behind, so all three of us had to get up and turn on the light, just to check the stupid CD... It's funny now - but it spooked us really bad at the time.

2. What was your coolest secret place?
In my cupboard. I used to imagine it having a secret tunnel at the back. I put a little kiddy table and chair in there and sit in the dark for hours just imagining.

3. What was your weirdest/most interesting hobby?
I dunno.

4. What did you want to be when you grew up?
When I was four, I wanted to be a doctor, that changed to vet when I was about 11 as I realised I couldn't stand human chuck, but I could handle animal chuck. I changed my mind to genetisist (sp?) when I was 17, as I didn't get into vet science. I then changed to Biophysisist when I realised I liked physics lots. I then changed to teaching because I was lazy.

5. Did you have an imaginary friend?
Yes, her name was Jit and she was my twin. The scary thing is, I went to a medium class thing once, and it was revealed that I was supposed to have a twin born and her soul is still around me and tries to talk to me.. I then found out that she likes to go by the name Jit... Freaky, huh?

6. What was your funniest misconception?
I thought tampons would stop me from being able to pee.

7. Who or what was your nemesis?

8. What silly kid stunts could you do that you were most proud of?
I can't remember. I could suck my own toes. (I used to bite my toe nails off when I was bored, until I realised how gross it was)

9. What food would you not eat, no matter what?
Brussel sprouts - still wont. And no I still didn't like them when Dad introduced this new stirfry with a new vegetable called Le Surbs (brussel backwards with an s moved)

10. What item did you lose that haunted you?
My bracelet that was given to me as a baby. I gave it to someone to look after when we played netball and I forgot to get it back. They didn't have it when I asked them a few weeks later. It still upsets me.
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