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You shall have no other gods before Me.
Ahhh.. yeah.. well I honour many gods, so I guess I've sinned there.

You shall not make for yourself an idol...
As part of my religion, I have statues on an altar ... I have sinned

You shall not make wrongful use of the name of the Lord your God...
Jesus Christ! THAT'S a sin??? (Mwhahaha)

Remember the Sabbath day, and keep it holy...
I play Black Sabbath on Sunday.. and I try not to work on it (but that's coz I'm lazy.. but hey, I def don't keep it holy!!

Honor your father and your mother...
My Dad's a f***en wa**er. LOL actually I think I've been reasonably good here.

You shall not murder.
And what is considered murder? Yes I have murdered. The highest considered life form I have murdered is a rabbit.

You shall not commit adultery.
I guess you can say I've done this.

You shall not steal.
Who hasn't? mmmmm I like my spatula from Brumby's.

You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
What the hell does this mean? I don't even pay attention to my neighbours. I guess I haven't sinned here.

You shall not covet your neighbor's wife.
Aww but I like my neighbours wife!! LOL... Never gunna happen - safe there.

You shall not covet your neighbor's house...
?? Another one I don't understand.. So I hope I've been good here too.

So there are 11 commandments (those religions that have 10 link a couple together as one.. check the wikipedia website and look up 10 commandments to get explanation)..

I have sinned in 7.5/11
I am 68% evil!!! LOL

Why not?

Dec. 6th, 2006 09:20 pm
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Lust:Very High

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Well, I was going to leave my life public for all, as I had nothing to hide. I still have nothing to hide, but I've decided there are just a few things which I don't want the whole world to know about.

So.. I am making this journal friends only, and culling back my friends list, to those who I actually KNOW are friends. If I take you off, and you still want to read, msg me and I'll re-evaluate.

Love ya
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That I am going to change the course of my life. I hate teaching and no longer want to do it.

I am going to join the airforce - as a pilot. I have spoken to Shaun about it, and although he's not too keen on the time I'll be away, he's open to the idea.

I have a plan of attack though:

Before End of 2006
Go on a joy ride for aerobatic flight. To test whether or not I can handle the g's.

Before My birthday 2007
Book my first joy ride/lesson.. To see if I like the idea still.

Then I am going to book into the lessons.

I hope to get my pilot licence before the end of 2007.

During that time I am going to increase my fitness. I have to be able to do 8 pushups, 25 situps and 7.3 in the beep test to past the physical test. I started my routine yesterday, and skipped it today because of band... But I'll get there.

Beginning of 2008 I'll formally apply for the airforce. I've informally applied already - expressing interest, so I'll probably go in and talk to the career adviser some time in the next couple of months.

Gee I'm a busy girl though:
With Band, Nutrimetics, Baby planning and now this... I'm suprised I have any time to look after the house!!! LOL - but that's me.
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When I was 16 it all started....

very long )
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He's in hospital.

He's been really sick for the last few weeks so we took him to the vet.
He's got either
Intestine obstruction
Organ Failure

I hope it's the first (even though it'll cost us a fortune) because otherwise we may have to put him down.

I am soooo sad
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The person who I mentioned before that was trying to get pregnant while still living with her parents (and her partner and 1st child) is now pregnant. Her parents are pissed at her, because they know that they'll probably have to support her, and have given her 1 month to find a place to live (they are kicking her out).
She's been at my friend's house and is begging her to let her live with her... My friend can't stand the boyfriend, and doesn't want kids in her house (she doesn't have any of her own yet)...

Go figure.
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How pathetic can someone get?

I know a girl who fell pregnant at a young age - I know that's not bad.
Her child is about 3 or 4 now, and she STILL lives with her parents... - still not really bad.
Her partner even lives there too (good for them I guess)...

Now for the pathetic part -

Why on Earth would you PLAN a SECOND child, if you couldn't even afford to live as an adult in your own home with the first one?

Someone Please explain??

New forum

Aug. 31st, 2006 06:48 pm
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Well I just joined a new forum called Essential Baby. I decided that I am ready to enter that phase in my life, and as Shaun and I have gone off the pill, I might enjoy learning about parenthood.
There is a lot of members there, so I might be able to make a lot of new friends too.
It's good to be a member of a forum that is new and fresh. There is no link to that other place, which means I am not going to be constantly reminded of them, and I can remain on the good path I have finally returned on.

My day started out REALLY crap today, yet I am now feeling better. It's so nice to not have depression take over my life when a little thing goes wrong - like it used to.

Today ended up being ok. I went to Scitech with my class, and it was pretty fun. I was so glad I didn't have to teach after my crappy morning.

Well that's all I can think about writing. I must go and organise dinner now.
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Friday was my last pill. After many conversations with Shaun, we have decided now is the right time to start seriously preparing my body for children.
This does not mean I want to get pregnant right away (I have heard that falling so soon after the pill may cause complications during pregnancy), but that I am seriously preparing my body.

I have been pretty strict with my diet - which let me tell you has made a tremendous change to my life. I have more energy, my asthma is almost like it had never existed, and I have hardly been sick at all (and when I do catch the odd virus from school, it appears to affect me with less potency than it affects others). I intend on remaining on this diet for the rest of my life. The changes it has made to my outlook (I am 100% sure it has contributed to my final climb out of the sesshole of depression I have spent the last 11 years slipping in and out of) on life and the fact that I have lost 2 dress sizes and feel great for it helps me stick to it.

I would like to increase my exercise a little before I get pregnant, and I want to be off the pill for at least 2 months (preferably 3) before I get pregnant, so Shaun and I will have to be a little 'carefull' and return to those disgusting plastic barriers. But at least we are both prepared to deal with a pregnancy if it should happen before our 'desired' plan (though I would love to actually fall in December like I've told everyone I was going to do.!! :P hehe)

I had my last counselloring session last week, and she said that there has been a remarkable improvement in my outlook. I did discuss my worries about not having any more sessions. Last time I had couselloring and was told I'd be alright, I left and went right back into the old cycle of things. She has told me that I can call to chat any time, and if I needed to come back, they should be able to work out a payment plan for me... It has made me feel a little better - like I actually have that safety net to fall back on.

I am feeling quite proud of myself. I don't feel like the internet rules me anymore. I've stayed away from 'that site' and I am hardly on my own forum (as the people there tend to lead me towards 'that site'). I did have a big hissy fit when one of the members of my site caused a big kerfuffle over at 'that site' and I got some of the blame - thus the reason I decided to back off from even my site. And to be honest, it was probably one of the best things that could have happened to me, as I think it was the one thing that helped me get 'truely' over it all.

Well there is an update for you all... Don't expect to many, I don't expect to be on here very often - I have a life to live now!!!

Sayanara (how ever you spell it - you get the idea)

RIP Aubrey

Aug. 5th, 2006 04:24 pm
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I went to Aubrey's funeral today. Never before have I seen so many people of so many cultures in one place at one time. It was good to see the bonding that should exist in society.

It was very sad though. His mother helped everyone cry. She couldn't stop sobbing and begging God to leave her alone - "haven't I been punished enough??" This is the second son she's lost.

No mother should have to go through that.

Society has lost an important person. Someone who will have made a difference. I am glad I went to his funeral, and I am hope that his memory will continue to build the bridge between cultures...
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Last night rocked!!!!

Yesterday I got up and played around on here, and then went to get my nails done.
I then got home and Shaun asked if I could pick up his sister, so I did. (and got flashed for speeding :( ).

We then got dressed in our disco outfits (photos coming soon) and Gina's friend came and picked us up to take us.

When we got there, there was a huge queue, so we lined up and waited. It was awesome when we got in there. I got drunk on 2 bottles of passion pop (mini pashes) and a glass of wine - which I got for free. (I swapped Shaun's free mini pash for one of my free beer/wine tickets - we got 4 free drinks each, but Shaun had my 4th one as I was well and truely wasted!!).

I didn't win anything but it was cool checking out the costumes (one chick was only wearing a g-string and nothing else - but glitter paint) and watching the dragqueen fall off stage. (it musta hurt but shim just got up and kept going as if nothing happened)

I got to watch Jennae Timmins (of neighbours - can't remember her real name) jump out of a cake, and then they drew the door prize and car, which neither of I won.
I was so drunk I don't remember the draw for the car, or Boyd (also from neighbours whose name I can't remember) coming on stage.
Nathan and Nat looked awesome in their superhero outfits, and I had a ball of a time.

We ended up getting kebabs from next door (which are no-no's on my diet, but I hadn't eaten all day - thus the cheep drunkiness). We got a cab and as we sat down Gina got back out to chuck up and the cabby refused to take us home, so we called the guy who gave us a lift there and he came and picked us up.

I feel very tender this morning (well arvo now) but at least I don't have a headache.
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As I have nothing to hide anymore.

So anyone who wants to add me, regardless of who you are - go ahead - I'll add you. If not, just come and read whenever you want.


Jul. 29th, 2006 01:53 pm
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On Thursday night, my SIL, came over and told me she had got tickets to Nova's Swinger party tonight. I was so shitty as I really wanted tickets to it, and had been trying. She had a double pass, and had decided to take one of her friends, as she couldn't choose between me and Shaun.
When she saw how disappointed I was, she decided to try for some more tickets, so did Shaun and so did I...

The result? Yesterday I got tickets to it!! WOOO HOOO

So tonight I am going to be at the party and it had better rock!!!! Got my costume ready and it's going to be soooo much fun with Shaun and Gina and her friend there.

Promise to post photos!
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When I was working at Middle Swan Primary School last year, there was a young boy (still at high school) who was doing a prac with the sport's teacher. He was really nice and he also was one hell of a role model for the children.
He was of Aboriginal Descent, but showed all the children that did not mean he had to be a drunk, drug addict, or have an attitude anything that is usually associated with Aboriginals (especially in that area).

Last weekend, there was a car accident not too far from where Jami and Mum live, that took the lives of two teenage boys, and left 3 in critical conditions. He was one of the ones to die.

I found out today while reading the newspaper.

It is so sad. He had such potential for the future. He was going somewhere, and he was making a difference. He made so much difference to some of those kids, that I don't think even he would have realised. He inspired them.

I worked with him. I spoke with him. I joked with him. I believed he would be a person who would one day help mend the racist division between black and white. I guess I was wrong.

I am going to pray for him for 70 days, as my religion beckons. Mum is going to see if she can find out when the funeral is for me, and if I can, I am going to go. He was a decent man, and the world is that little more poorer having lost him.

Rest in Peace Aubrey Ryder.


Jul. 29th, 2006 01:18 pm
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I just got this from someone from my forum on EZ board:

"I have been chatting to [name deleted for privacy on my board] on msn and she has told me that shit has gone down on yams (she had joined up to stick up for Caz after she got 'in')"

What the hell is YAMS talking about me for? I haven't even looked at their site since I told Julia how I was getting access (which was very hard for me to do - but I wanted to stop and get better). That was quite a while ago. I also haven't even been on the net for about a week at all!!! And apparently all this went down in the last couple of days!.

I did a good job of rocking their boat, if they are *still* talking about me after all this time... and it's when I hear about things like this that I want to try and find a way to get in to read about what they are saying about me..

I won't this time though - I don't want to go backwards. I am feeling the happiest I have for a hell of a long time. I feel like I have direction, and I am actually making new friends (which hasn't happened for a while now). It's made me realise how I have blocked myself from the real world and how I am actually responsible for causing all the shit that happens to me. I am taking control now, and I am not going to stoop to that level again. I don't need to know what they are saying so fuck them.

Seriously though - I do wish that the people on my board would leave Yams alone, or not bring it back to me. I am over it. I wish I didn't keep it (the board) going like Shannon suggested, and I often want to leave it (especially when this kind of crap goes down), but I've always wanted to host a successful forum board, and this is the closest to successful I've had, and if they left Yams off it, it would probably become more successful.
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